Foreword Doug Tompkins

Introduction Daniel Imhoff

Part I. The Pathological Mindset of the CAFO

Introduction: From Agrarianism to Industrialism
Farm Factories: The End of Animal Husbandry Bernard E. Rollin
Fear Factories: The Case for Compassionate Conservatism—for Animals Matthew Scully
Cold Evil: The Ideologies of Industrialism Andrew Kimbrell
Renewing Husbandry: The Mechanization of Agriculture Is Fast Coming to an End Wendell Berry
Man the Paragon of Animals? Questioning Our Assumptions About Evolution Christopher Manes

PART II. Myths of the CAFO

Myth: Industrial Food Is Cheap
Myth: Industrial Food Is Efficient
Myth: Industrial Food Is Safe
Myth: CAFOs Are Farms, Not Factories
Myth: CAFOs Are Good for Rural Communities
Myth: Industrial Food Benefits the Environment and Wildlife
Myth: Industrial Food Can Feed the World
Myth: CAFO Manure Is a Benign Resource

Part III. Inside the CAFO

Introduction: What the Industry Doesn’t Want Us to Know
Power Steer: On the Trail of Industrial Beef Michael Pollan
Boss Hog: The Rapid Rise of Industrial Swine Jeff Tietz
Watching the Chickens Pass By: The Grueling Monotony of the Disassembly Line Steve Striffler
The Milk of Human Unkindness: Industrialization and the Super Cow Anne Mendelson
Floating Hog Farms: Industrial Aquaculture Is Spoiling the Aquatic Commons Ken Stier and Emmett Hopkins

Part IV. The Loss of Diversity

Introduction: Extinction Is Forever
Old MacDonald Had Diversity: The Role of Traditional Breeds in a Dynamic Agricultural Future Donald E. Bixby
Squeezed to the Last Drop: The Loss of Family Farms Tom Philpott
Assault on Nature: CAFOs and Biodiversity Loss George Wuerthner
Narrowing of Poultry Breeds
Traditional Versus Industrial Beef and Dairy Cattle
Traditional Swine and Lean Hogs
Demise of the Family Farmer
Loss of Individual Farms

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Part V. Hidden Costs of CAFOs

Introduction: Economists Have Forgotten How to Add
From Farms to Factories: Pillaging the Commons Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Bad Meat: Deregulation Makes Eating a High-Risk Behavior Eric Schlosser
CAFOS Are in Everyone’s Backyard: Industrial Agriculture, Democracy, and the Future Kendall Thu
Paying the Polluters: Animal Factories Feast on Taxpayer Subsidies Martha Noble
Diet for a Hot Planet: Livestock and Climate Change Anna Lappé

Part VI. A Rough and Rocky Horror Show

Introduction: A Small Sample of CAFO Production Around the World

Part VII. Technological Takeover

Introduction: From Farms to Factories
Antibiotic Drug Abuse: CAFOs Are Squandering Vital Human Medicines Leo Horrigan, Jay Graham, and Shawn McKenzie
Franken Food: Livestock Cloning and the Quest for Industrial Perfection Rebecca Spector
Nuclear Meat: Using Radiation and Chemicals to Make Food “Safe” Wenonah Hauter

Part VIII. Putting the CAFO out to Pasture

Introduction: Toward a Humane, Equitable, and Sustainable Food System
Toward Sustainability: Moving from Energy Dependence to Energy Exchange Fred Kirschenmann
The Good Farmer: An Agrarian Approach to Animal Agriculture Peter Kaminsky
Changing the Law: The Road to Reform Paige Tomaselli and Meredith Niles
A Chef Speaks Out: Making the Case for Taste Dan Barber
Dismantlement: A Movement to Topple Industrial Animal Agriculture Erik Marcus
Healing: Restoring Health, Wealth, and Respect to Food and Farming Joel Salatin
Vote with Your Fork: It’s Time for Citizens to Take Back the Food System Daniel Imhoff

Know Where Your Food Comes From
What You Can Do
What Policy Makers Can Do
Resources Glossary Selected Bibliography


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