Daniel Imhoff


In addition to being the editor of CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation): The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories, Daniel Imhoff was also the editor of its companion volume, The CAFO Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories. He is the publisher of Watershed Media and a writer whose many books include Food Fight, Farming with the Wild, Paper or Plastic, Building with Vision, and Farming and the Fate of Wild Nature. He lives in Northern California.

Douglas Tompkins

Project Director

Douglas R. Tompkins is a long-time wilderness advocate, mountaineer, skier, farmer, kayaker, pilot, and environmental/conservation activist. He founded The North Face and cofounded the apparel maker, Esprit. In 1990 he left business to work on creating large-scale conservation areas and national parks. He and his wife, Kristine Tompkins, have preserved more than 2 million acres of land for the conservation of biodiversity, including the eight-hundred-thousand-acre Pumalin Park in Chile. In 1990 he founded the Foundation for Deep Ecology, which has been a key supporter of grassroots environmental NG Os and has produced numerous activist campaign-related books, including Clearcut, Welfare Ranching, Fatal Harvest, Thrillcraft, and Plundering Appalachia.

Roberto Carra

Art Director

An internationally renowned photographer, art director, and graphic designer born in Parma, Italy, Roberto Carra’s still-life images significantly influenced commercial communication throughout the 1980s. A classically trained graphic artist, Carra works in a broad range of visual communication media but concentrates primarily on photography and graphic design. He was formerly the creative director for Esprit International, and his images have appeared in dozens of books and magazines. Carra has been the art director on numerous books published by Watershed Media and the Foundation for Deep Ecology. He lives and works in Milan.

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